St Ewe Free Range Eggs Grand

In contrast our Grand Eggs are extra large eggs. Hen’s lay larger eggs the older they get and we package these into our Grand boxes for those who want these Queen Sized free range eggs.

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St. Ewe Free Range Eggs

St. Ewe Free Range Eggs are a traditional, yet innovative farming family with a passion for excellent nutrition and high welfare for their free range hens. They offer a wide variety of award-winning everyday and speciality free range eggs. 

Free range, sustainable farming is at the heart of everything St. Ewe Free Range Eggs do. They have chosen to grow by taking on other family farms in the Westcountry to become dedicated suppliers to us. Family-size farms are good for the environment and good for the hens, and this way the company aim to build a secure future and a guaranteed market for other family farms while still producing their own eggs on their own family farm in the way they always have done.
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