AFS SWANLAC is supplied as a light-yellow powder and contains ≤0.2% wax. It is a food grade shellac.

AFS SWANLAC is manufactured using solely light coloured kushmi seedlac which means only a moderate amount of bleaching is required, resulting in a relatively low acid value and less impact on the molecular structure of the shellac.

Made by

AF Suter

Established in 1906, A.F. Suter is a leading UK based importer, exporter, wholesaler, distributor and global supplier of high quality Shellac, Waxes, Natural Gums, Resins, Menthol Crystals and Zein.

Through an exclusive joint partnership in India, AF Suter manufacture food and pharmaceutical grade Dewaxed Shellac flakes and Dewaxed Bleached Shellac powder under our SWANLAC® trademark and HS brand name.

AF Suter has also developed a food grade Aqueous Shellac Solution, while Alcoholic Shellac Ester Solutions can be manufactured on request. We regularly import to our UK warehouse for local retail and wholesale distribution, and export to customers in Europe, North America and many other regions internationally.
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