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Kentish Cobnuts are a cultivated variety of hazelnut. Much like a Golden Delicious or Bramley apple the varieties vary in shape, size and taste. The main varieties Roughway Farm grows are Kent Cobnuts, Gunslebert Cobnuts, Ennis Cobnuts and Cosford Cobnuts. Kent Cobnuts remain the most popular of all the varieties. Kent Cobnuts are a fabulous source of protein, vitamins and healthy fats. A typical cobnut kernel contains 12%-17% protein by dry weight, and about 10%-15% fibre. Cobnuts are very rich in vitamin E and in calcium, typically containing about 21mg and 141mg per 100g kernel (dry weight) respectively. They provide about 0.4mg and 0.55mg of vitamins B1 and B6 respectively per 100g dry weight. In the UK it is typical to eat cobnuts when green and the kernels are creamy. As a cobnut ages the kernel becomes sweeter. A part from cracking and eating, Cobnuts are also a great ingredient, with fresh cobnuts working well in salads and later season Cobnuts working well in apple crumbles and nut roasts. The family farm set in the idealic Kentish country side near Plaxtol grows 50 cobnut varieties, cherries, apples, plums, greengages and raspberries. Roughway Farm Online is the go to online farm shop for freshly grown Kent Cobnuts delivered to your door.


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