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Britain is a nation of dog lovers but with over three million obese dogs in the UK it is clear that we need to do more to find the right balance of nutrition and exercise. We all love to treat our dogs either as a reward, when training or sometimes just because.. However, despite a vast array of treat products on the market, it is difficult to find treats that do not promote weight gain. We created Huxley Hound to give dogs owners a choice. Many people do not know that despite being largely carnivorous dogs need essential vegetable nutrients for a complete diet. Many owners are also unaware that dogs are not able to get any minerals or vitamins from raw vegetables as they cannot break down cellulose. We spent almost a year in conjunction with a leading University developing a dehydration process that condenses these minerals and vitamins without damaging their goodness and pushing them to the surface which allows dogs to ingest them. Our treats really are “Better Than Raw”. Our organic range includes Parsnip, Carrot, Beetroot and Sweet Potato treats. All our vegetables are farmed to the highest organic standards in Yorkshire, Lincolnshire, Lancashire and Murcia. They are so delicious we have heard of many owners eating more of the treats than their dogs! Huxley Hound treats have recently been approved by The Vegetarian Society and we’ve been awarded Ethical Company Organisation Accreditation. The Better Than RawTM range is available at and in leading online and independent pet stores.
External websites may mention products that are not Vegetarian Society approved.

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