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Stapleton’s all-natural award-winning yogurt is made in Devon using local Jersey cows’ milk. We make yogurt using traditional small-scale methods, produced in small 30 litre pails (the modern-day churn). This careful handling means that the natural structure and smooth texture of the yogurt is preserved without the need for additional starches and stabilisers. All fruit compotes are made on site in the dairy kitchen using only store cupboard ingredients. Fruit is chosen carefully for taste and prepared by hand and cooked in open pans to make compotes free from additives, colourings, flavourings and preservatives. Stapleton remains a fully independent British family-run dairy based in rural Devon. We are an early example of farm diversification and last year celebrated 40 years of yogurt making. Although still based on the family farm, we no longer keep Jersey cows and buy milk from the neighbouring and award-winning Awsland Farm run by the Ashton family. The Duncans and Ashtons have a long-standing working relationship and we are proud to say that we pay a fair and sustainable price for our milk. Find our yogurts in Waitrose (Nationwide), Morrisons (online and South of England), Sainsbury’s (South West), Tesco (South West), Asda (South West), Booths and many independent stores in the South of England. Check out our stockist finder to find your nearest stockist on our website.
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