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Stur Drinks is an all natural water booster offering a premium, healthy and delicious alternative to sugary drinks. They are a passionate family business on a mission to encourage everyone to love water naturally and the refreshing flavours can be used in so many things, including mineral water, ice cream, yoghurt, smoothies and even baking. Stur is made solely with natural fruit and tea flavours and lightly sweetened with the highest quality, natural stevia leaf extract. It has zero calories, zero sugar and in addition, every squeeze of Stur contains 100% RDA of Vitamin C which may help to maintain a healthy immune system and helps to avoid tiredness and fatigue. Created by Neel Premkumar for his wife when she was pregnant as a healthy way of staying hydrated, Stur is the perfect way to incorporate more water into your diet in a natural way. Available in six premium natural tea and fruit flavours that have been specifically designed for the UK - Peach Tea, Lemon Tea, Cranberry Pomegranate, Orange Mango, Green Apple and Blackcurrant Apple. Stur’s aim is to help people drink more water. Water is truly essential to better health, it helps to maintain the balance of body fluids, control calories, energize muscles, helps your kidneys and helps keep skin looking good. They support the principal of access to safe water for all. Perfect for a low-calorie, healthy diet, Stur is suitable for vegetarians and vegans. It’s just the right size to pop in your handbag and can be enjoyed on the go, at your desk or in the gym. It’s the ideal alternative to other high-sugar, high-calorie juices and won’t damage your teeth.
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