Chosan Organic Hibiscus Drink

Chosan Organic Hibiscus Drink is a delicious soft drink bursting with exotic flavour. Made from 100% natural ingredients, including the Hibiscus flower, to create a refreshing drink to compliment a healthy lifestyle. Used as a traditional health remedy for high blood pressure in many countries. Wonjo Hibiscus is available in 5 delicious flavours: Original, Fresh Root Ginger, Moroccan Mint, Warming Spices and Essex Apples

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Chosan is an independent producer of exotic soft drinks, bursting in flavour, made from 100% natural ingredients. Our delicious drinks derive from traditional Gambian family recipes and carry the many health benefits associated with their exotic ingredients. From natural energy to reducing high blood pressure, our drinks are refreshing and good for you. We currently produce two drinks: Wonjo Hibiscus (available in 5 flavours) and Bouye Boabab.
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