Alafia Tomato Stew

This stew is extremely versatile. It goes well with all carbohydrate dishes, from: Pasta dishes to jacket potatoes, chips, wedged potatoes, pizza toppings; it is good with bean dishes such as black eye beans, Cannelloni beans, Chilli con-carne, vegetables etc.

Made by

Odeiga House

Odeiga House Limited (ODHL) is a holding Company registered in the UK in 1998. Its aims are to develop premium quality African and Caribbean food and drinks, of first class quality and standard. ODHL operations are being positioned to expand beyond the UK to capture the opportunities that are presented in Europe, America and Africa. Our vision is to develop a range of premium quality authentic African and Caribbean foods across the complete grocery category that will raise the profile of Africa’s cuisines by creating a brand that is synonymous with African and Caribbean food. The headline strategic brand values of the Odiega House Limited are – quality, authenticity, a distinctive taste and creating a successful and confident brand image.
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