Bombay Puri

Little pockets of perfection, our unleavened Indian flatbreads originate in the state of Gujarat. Faithful to a traditional Indian recipe, the flatbreads are as light as air and have been coated with spices of turmeric, red chilli and salt. Delicious eaten on their own or as an accompaniment to your favourite dip. Still a staple part of an Indian diet, we’re now sharing them with you.

Made by

Mumbai Foods Ltd T/A Howdah

We’ve poured our passion for home-cooked, authentic Indian food into creating Howdah. Made in India using traditional recipes, each bag is bursting with flavour and contains a variety of spices and herbs that have been brought together to create a range of Indian snacks like you’ve never tasted before. Presenting – the True Essence of India. Designed to be Shared…Grudgingly.
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