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Home Cook, Food Blogger and Lover of all things dairy-free, healthy and natural. Marian's first book is a reflection of her journey to complete and enhance her dairy-free & spelt living. Until late 2010 Marian also owned a home bakery which specialised in spelt baked goods. Then, due to the discovery of a severe dairy intolerance, in addition to the previously established wheat intolerance, she had to step back to look after her health and rediscover new and healthier recipes. Two of her cakes won prestigious awards in both Ireland (2009) and the UK (2010). Dairy free & Spelt Living, her first book, is a Starter Pack and is accredited by the UK Vegetarian Society to show you how easy it is to include dairy-free, spelt flour and gluten-free ingredients to your recipe collection with ease and lots of fun. This in turn helps towards a healthier lifestyle. Most of the recipes are also sweetened with agave, rice and maple syrups.

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