Delamere Dairy ESL Pasteurised Skimmed Goats Milk

All the goodness of Delamere Dairy fresh goats' milk but virtually fat free! Reclosable 1 litre carton. Use as regular milk on cereal, in tea, coffee, your favorite recipes or drink straight from the fridge. • Suitable for people with a dairy cows milk intolerance. • Suitable for vegetarians. • All Delamere Dairy products are made using pasteurised milk.

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Delamere Dairy

Goats’ milk has a refreshing, mild taste and is a good source of calcium. 76% of Delamere Dairy’s customers drink goats’ milk for health related reasons, including cows’ milk intolerance, skin conditions like eczema and digestive problems. Others simply prefer the taste. Nutritionally goats’ milk is very similar to cows’ milk and can be used in just the same way - in tea and coffee, on cereal and in all your favourite recipes. As well as fresh and long-life milk, Delamere Dairy also offers an award-winning range of goats’ cheeses, yogurts and butter. If you’ve not tried goats’ milk before, now’s the time to give it a try. Available throughout the UK, visit for stockists or call us on 01565 750528.
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