Rajah Coconut Milk

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Westmill Foods Rajah Range

Rajah was founded 1931 by former Indian Army officer, who opened a small shop in London called Bombay Emporium. Originally products were limited to whole and ground spices, which were famed for their fine granules, bright colour, and fresh fragrance, attributes that are essential to create quality Asian food. As the Asian population grew and the UK’s appetite for Asian food expanded, other products were incorporated into the range to cover curry pastes, traditional condiments such as chutneys and pickles, and accompaniments like Poppadums. Today Rajah spices are used both in-home for household cooking and away from home for cooking in Indian and Asian restaurants throughout the UK. Rajah’s reputation for quality and reliability spread among other Ethnic communities in the UK. The Afro-Caribbean community embraced Rajah as their own for the quality and purity of seasonings, which are an essential component in Afro Caribbean cooking. Other products, like coconut milk and coconut cream bridge many different cuisines, it is through Rajah’s breadth and depth of range that the brand enjoys such wide consumer appeal. This makes Rajah a strong household brand name for ethnic foods to many Ethnic and mainstream consumers in the UK today.

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