Koko Dairy Free Original UHT 1 Litre

At last, a true alternative to milk Kara Dairy Free, the first coconut based dairy-free milk to hit the shelves, offers a superior taste to other dairy-free milks*. Enriched with calcium, Kara Dairy Free contains the same fat content as semi-skimmed milk (2%); it is 100% dairy free and has zero cholesterol. Kara Dairy Free is created from freshly pressed coconuts. Unlike soya bean and rice grain milk, there’s no soaking, grinding, extracting or boiling involved. It ticks other ‘free-from’ boxes too, with no artificial flavourings, colourings or preservatives and it’s approved by Vegetarian, Vegan and Coeliac Societies. Kara Dairy Free also contains more Lauric Acid than any other kind of milk. Lauric Acid is a medium chain fatty acid with antibacterial and antiviral properties which help the body hunt down unwanted viruses and keep the immune system healthy. And there’s more Kara Dairy Free can be used in place of dairy milk to make anything from a roux to a rice pudding. Who needs cows? Kara Dairy Free is produced from freshly pressed coconuts harvested from Kara managed plantations in Sumatra, Indonesia. Kara’s involvement spans from seeding right through to pressing, with stringent quality control to help maximise the great natural flavour of fresh coconut. So make your lactose-free life less ordinary, thanks to Kara-Dairy Free. On supermarket shelves now at Tesco, Whole Foods and Planet Organic priced from £1.29 for a one-litre carton. For further information visit www.karadairyfree.com

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