Vegetarian Nosh 4 Students

VEGETARIAN NOSH4STUDENTS by Joy May Voted "Best Overall Winner" of vegetarian student cookbooks by student testers in the hallowed °Cordon Vert kitchen at the Vegetarian Society, August 2007. This book is the sequel to "Nosh 4 Students," the best selling student cookbook. The book was inspired by the author's son leaving for university who was clueless in the kitchen. This vegetarian version is set out to make cooking easy and to be inspirational, a photo with every recipe should help both of these things. The 150+ recipes are planned so that you need the minimum of pans, dishes and utensils and no weighing scales. There is a star rating showing the difficulty of each recipe. The book also includes sample menus with shopping lists covering four typical weeks in the life of a vegetarian student. The book retails at £6.99 and is available in major high street book sellers and online retailers.


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