Sutherland Shave Cream

Sutherland Shaving Cream Sachets were designed in conjunction with the NHS to help combat infection. The hygienic single use design eliminates cross infection between users. The sachets are easy to open and are conveniently packaged in boxes of 100. Sutherland Shaving Cream Sachets are ideal travelling companions as their 7g compact size means they fit perfectly into wash bags and can be stored in hand luggage on aeroplanes. 

The single use design of the sachets also cut down waste and weight. Sutherland Shaving Cream is gently fragranced, highly moisturising and helps lock in moisture, leaving your skin soft and smooth. Sutherland Shaving Cream does not have as much alcohol in as gels and foams which can lead to razor burn. It is also glycerin based which helps to prepare the skin ready to shave without drying it out. 


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Sutherland Health Ltd

Sutherland Health is a trusted manufacturer and supplier of maternity, personal care, nutrition and sexual health products to the NHS and medical market within the UK and Europe.
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