Chilli Pepper Ciliegia Piccante

Chilli Pepper Ciliegia Piccante (Bacio di Satana) 'Satans Kiss'....beware. This is a med-hot, cherry chilli, so called by its round shape 2cms. It loses about 60% of it's heat when cooked making it great stuffed with mozzarella and anchovies and then grilled. The general rule with chillies is the poorer the soil it is planted in, the hotter the chilli. @300 seeds. Sow Feb-Jun

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Franchi Seeds

Franchi Seeds of Italy are the oldest family run seed company in the world and the chefs choice from the seed to the plate. You can find Franchi brand seeds in the best deli’s and garden centres around the country. Franchi seeds, Bergamo, Italy, 1783.
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