Temple Bar: Whoosh

Keeps your mind bright and active. If Party On is for weekends then Whoosh gets you through Monday afternoon to Friday morning, including soporific seminars, lullaby lectures and meetings which are so immensely tedious they have a narcotic effect. Surely dull meetings should be made illegal, especially if they include dimming the lights for a presentation. Anyway, if you have to stay awake and look like you`re paying attention, apply a subtle trace of Whoosh to your pulse points: wrists, neck and temples. Some of us like to line our nostrils with it so it has the shortest distance to get to the brain. How does it work? It applies reviving essential oils of lime, lemon and grapefruit to your tired body and brain. Then it adds refreshing rosemary and stress reducing geranium so you stay nice and calm. Always have this with you, but don`t rely on it to get you out of trouble; make sure you get enough sleep too. (It`s also good for jetlag, but why don`t you cut down your carbon footprint and have a video conference instead?)

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