Dark Soy Sauce

Approved by The Vegetarian Society.

Made by

Asian Home Gourmet (CPL) Pte Ltd

Asian Home Gourmet is the only company offering a full range spicepaste from Asia’s best cuisines: Cantonese, Indian, Indonesian, Singapore, Szechuan and Thai. Unlike dehydrated, powdered products, Asian Home Gourmet Spicepaste is made from fresh herbs and spice. Carefully selected fresh herbs and spices are chopped and ground together to release their natural juices and oils, producing a paste that is stir fried for a richer flavour and aroma. Asian Home Gourmet Spicepaste are all natural and GMO free. There is no added MSG, preservatives or artificial colours. With Asian Home Gourmet spicepaste, you can easily replicate dishes that you enjoy eating in Asian restaurants at home! There’s no need to spend hours hunting for fresh exotic ingredients. Just add vegetables of your choice or tofu and you’ll get tasty, authentic Asian meals in minutes! You can also create stir-fries, curries, dips and may other recipes using just one Spicepaste. You are limited only by your imagination.

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