Fry's Vegetarian Mince

Foodies will love the versatility of Fry's Special Veggie Mince. Add excesses of garlic, fountains of olive oil and don't be shy with the pomme d'oro (Italian for "love apple", or "tomatoes" to the romantically challenged types). Spoon over a sleek platter of spaghetti and gain instant style credibility. Also heat up the tempo with a little chilli, get into the groove with a pie or be saucy with a lasagne. Or do it the Traditional South African way with mince-on-toast or a Bobotie to tantalise anyone's taste buds!

Made by

Fry's Family Foods ( Fry Group Foods Pty Ltd )

From humble beginnings in the Fry Family’s kitchen, Fry’s has become an international success. In 1991, Wally and Debbie Fry, both committed vegetarians, began making protein alternatives or meat analogues for their own consumption. Fry Group Foods was established in South Africa in 1992 to make a range of vegetarian meat alternatives. Since 1992, the company has grown in considerable leaps and bounds as a result of constant attention to absolute quality and true ethics of vegetarianism and the phenomenal growth of vegetarianism worldwide. Fry Group Foods is still owned and run by the Fry Family and is distributed nationally and internationally. The range of frozen Vegan meat analogues consists of 11 products.All products are FREE from - Meat, egg, dairy - Cholesterol - Preservatives or colourants - BUT are high in Protein.
External websites may mention products that are not Vegetarian Society approved.

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