Cooking with Herb, The Vegetarian Dragon

With a little help from his friends Rosie-Rose and Gorse, and his beloved Grandma-ma-Flora, Herb the Vegetarian Dragon creates twenty mouth watering recipes, each of them just as delicious as any meat dish. And Herb's favourites are not just for kids - they are so tasty that everyone will ask for more. Contains healthy and nutritious vegetarian recipe ideas, with all the good things that growing kids and dragons need. These 20 mouth watering recipes give tasty alternatives to crunchy knights in armour (a dragon delicacy). Herb and his friends explain how to create such dishes as Snap Dragons Stone Soup, Part Pasta of a Herd of Dragons and Herb's Simple Strawberry Slush. Yum! Brightly illustrated with extra helpful cooking tips from Herb the Herbivour. Written by Jules Bass, Illustrated by Debbie Harter

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Barefoot Books
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