Canned Laverbread

Laverbread is a Celtic delicacy which is produced from a particular type of seaweed (very similar to the seaweed which is used by the Japanese - Nori) which is mainly found on the West Coast of the British Isles and Southern Ireland. After being gathered the seaweed is thoroughly washed and is cooked until it becomes soft. It is then minced to convert it into a paste like texture. Laver is nutritious, very low in calories, rich in protein, contains iodine and vitamins A ,B, B2, C & D. Because of the nature of the product it is classified as being able to use the vegetarian symbol.

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Parsons Pickles

We are a company which prides itself on a reputation for service and quality. We do not commit ourselves to anything that we cannot achieve and enjoy the benefits of long term trading relationships with our customers, some of which go back to when our company was originally formed in the late 1940’s. We are happy to supply the small wholesaler through to the larger National Multiple and having ourselves been in business for so many years have the experience of doing so.
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