Condomania Condoms: Liberty

A unique shaped condom with a wider flared head, which tapers out slightly for more comfort around the base, allowing for a better fit. This makes the condom feel more comfortable and less restrictive to the user. Available either spermicidally or non- spermicidally lubricated. All non-spermicidally condoms have a gentle water-based lubricant.

Made by

Sutherland Health Ltd

Condomania® offers a wide variety of quality condoms in a whole range of shapes and sizes. All Condomania condoms are:Specially manufactured to decrease the risk of allergy by a process that reduces the level of protein in the latex. Produced to an enhanced formula that creates a silk-like latex. Available in a whole range of shapes and sizes to cater most needs. Suitable for both Vegetarians and Vegans. Available direct from Condomania mail order service.
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