ACDO - Miracle Acdo Soft & Gentle Non Bio Powder

For over 85 years, ACDO has supplied the finest laundry powders to suit your family's needs, and miracle ACDO soft & gentle continues in that tradition of providing excellent laundry powders that are tough on stains, yet gentle on your clothes. Miracle ACDO soft & gentle is made from vegetable oils so it's great at keeping your family's clothes beautifully soft and clean…..and because it does not contain enzymes and is dermatologically tested, it is kinder to fabrics, gentle on the most sensitive skin and perfect for hand washing delicates too.

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For over 85 years Miracle Acdo Non-biological powder has washed the clothes of generations of families and today it is still a naturally kinder soap-based powder, made from vegetable oils and does not contain any enzymes. It has been dermatologically tested, so it is gentle on the most sensitive skin. It is kinder to fabrics and is perfect for hand washing delicates. Miracle has also been developed to deliver a noticeably fresher, cleaner machine wash. Miracle Acdo is available in Wilkinson's, Morrison's and in your good local stores. For nearest stockists call: 01204 600 500.
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