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Las Iguanas | 54a Whiteladies Road | Clifton | Bristol | BS8 2NH | United Kingdom
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Las Iguanas

Las Iguanas serve Latin American food with passion and have cemented their position as one of the most vegetarian friendly places to eat in the UK with accreditation from The Vegetarian Society. The Latin American restaurant group are the first national casual dining operator to be recognised following kitchen and menu audits by the organisation. 

At Las Iguanas you’ll find a separate vegetarian and vegan menu to make life easy. All restaurants use veggie griddles, separate fryers, no gelatine, vegetable stock and vegetarian cheese in the wide selection of vegetarian dishes. Over 30 sauces and salsas are also made fresh in the kitchens daily. Tasty meat free treats include a delicious tapas selection with favourites like Nachos made with hand-fried corn chips (veggie of course), oozy brie and mango Empanadas, or Artichoke Salad, griddled artichoke hearts marinated in toasted cumin and a Jalapeno dressing, topped with red pickled onions.

There are no end of vegetarian mains, from the Mexican classics like mushroom fajitas and Epic Enchiladas, to Brazilian Moqueca a mild coconut and squash curry, and the popular Beet and Black Bean Burger, a firm favourite with guests both vegetarian and not. Desserts are vegetarian throughout, so you won’t find any gelatin lurking in the Creamy Caramel Cake, a traditional tres leches cake with a twist, or the vegan-friendly artisan sorbets. 

On their accreditation from The Vegetarian Society Las Iguanas Head of Brand Lucy Harwood said: “We are delighted to have sailed through the accreditation process with a glowing report. We have been producing a separate veggie and vegan menu for some time and have invested heavily in our kitchens to include separate veggie fryers and griddles. We only use vegetarian cheese in our veggie dishes and puds are gelatine free so when we say it’s veggie you can be sure there are no hidden nasties in there. It’s not just vegetarians looking for choice these days either. The ‘meat reducers’ are a fast growing sector and we think that some of our dishes are more than a match for a traditional meat feast, like our home-made Bean and Beet burger. Cooking most items from scratch also means that we can tailor dishes to suit, not just for veggies and vegans but also for gluten free diets and other allergy sufferers.” 

Vanessa Brown Head of Business and Catering Services at the Vegetarian Society confirms: “It’s great to have Las Iguanas’ veggie dishes now Vegetarian Society Approved, having a national restaurant chain showing this level of commitment to its vegetarian customers really makes it easier to be veggie and enjoy eating out with family and friends.” Note: Las Iguanas also have a separate gluten free menu.

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